1.I want to apply for a Turkey visa, what are the requirements?

Ans: International passport, 6 cm x 5 cm white background passport photograph, statement of account and Work details i.e., introduction letter, CAC registration certificate if business is registered

2. How much does the application cost?


A) Processing fee- N86,000 per adult, and N43,000 per child. Payable to Aspom Travel

B) Visa fee (Non-Refundable)

2 weeks $240.00

Inclusive of Lagos Center extra service charge

2 weeks $140.00

(Visa fee Payable in USD at submission center)

D) Compulsory passport return fee (fixed for any visa duration) – N5,500

(Payable at submission)

3. What does Visa Processing fee mean?

Ans: Visa processing fee covers filling of client’s application form, flight Reservation, Hotel Reservation and advisory services.

4. How long does the processing take?

Ans: It takes from 15 – 20 working days after submission

5. What if I am not working, can I still apply?

Ans: Yes, you can, provided you have a sponsor.

6. What is the duration of the visa?

Ans: This depends on the consular, its usually 90days validity, Visitors to Turkey can stay in the country for 30 days with this visa, from their date of entry.

7. Is it compulsory I get invitation before I apply?

Ans: No, invitation doesn’t guarantee a visa

8. Will you review my documents before I submit?

Ans: Yes, we will guide you.

9. How much should be on my closing balance?

Ans: Enough to cover your trip, further guide will be given to you during the process.

10. I was just refused Visa. Can I reapply?

Ans: Yes, you can

11. If I’m not in Lagos or Abuja, can I still apply through your company?

Ans: Yes, you can, we will guide you online, via phone and we will email all documents to you.

12. Is your Visa guaranteed?

Ans: We do not guarantee Visa as Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular however, based on our visa knowledge and experience, we will guide you for better chances.

13. What if I am refused a Visa will there be a refund?

Ans: No, but you can reapply without paying processing fee. (you will be required to pay the visa application fee only)

14. Does your company assist with work permit?

Ans: No.

15. Can I travel immediately my visa is granted?

Ans: Yes, you can.

16. Does your company process statement of account or work document for client?

Ans: No, we don’t

17. Where is your office located?

Ans: Lagos and Abuja.

18. Are you genuine and real?

Ans: Yes, we are. You can visit our office in Lagos and Abuja as seen on our website www.aspomtravels.com

19. After getting my visa, can your company assist with accommodation/Flight?

Ans: Yes, we can.

20. Do I need to have travel histories before applying?

Ans: No, you don’t need to have travel histories.

21. What is the validity of the visa?

The visa is usually 90days validity from the issuance date.

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