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Ireland Visa FAQ

International passport, 5X5 white background passport photograph, 6 months statement of account and Work details i.e., introduction letter, Work ID card, CAC registration certificate if the business is registered.

It cost ₦250,000 per adult and ₦125,000 per child.

Embassy Service charge: ₦125,000 (payable before picking biometrics date)

Visa Fee (payable to the Embassy):

Single Entry: £60

Multiple Entry: £100

Transit: £25

It takes 40 working days after submission or more.

Yes, you can, provided you have a sponsor.

No, an invitation doesn’t guarantee a visa.

No, you do not need to make an appointment for the submission of the documents.

To submit the documents at the Visa application Lagos/Abuja, applicants can pay the visa application fee and services fee at the bank teller counter at the Visa Application Centre, Lagos/Abuja.

The Embassy of Ireland holds a right to call the applicant for a personal interview. In such cases, the applicant will be directly contacted by the Embassy.

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