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Australia FAQs

International passport, 6 months bank statement, 1 x passport photograph (45mm x 35 mm), and Work details i.e., introduction letter, Work ID card, CAC registration certificate if business is registered, polio vaccine certificate.

A) Processing fee – ₦250,000 per adult, and ₦125,000 per child.

B) Australia Visa fee – $147 USD

Visa processing fee covers filling of client’s application form, flight Reservation, Hotel Reservation and advisory services based on our experience.

It takes 60 working days or more after biometrics.

Yes, you can, provided you have a sponsor.

This depends on the consular.

No, invitation doesn’t guarantee a visa, but it can be an added advantage

Enough to cover your trip, further guide will be giving to you during the process.

Yes, you can, we will guide you online, via phone and we will email all documents to you.

We do not guarantee Visa as Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular, however based on our visa knowledge and experience, we will guide you for better chances.

No, but you can reapply without paying processing fee. (you will be required to pay the visa application fee only)

NO, we do not process work visa. However, with a study visa you have access to a two year old work permit.

Yes, we are. You can visit our office in Lagos and Abuja as seen on our website

No. Australia is online, and biometrics is done in Lagos or Abuja

No you don’t need to have travel history, but is an added advantage.

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